RAPID Core Values

RAPID Core Values


When I started RAPID, I saw an opportunity to create a company that I would want to do business with as a customer.  A company that would be a frictionless supplier who “just did what they said they would do.”  Early on it was easy to impart this vision with the team – we were small.  I worked and communicated with everyone every day.   But as we hired more people and the shop became physically larger, my ability to consistently interact with everyone dwindled.  It became clear that the principles underlying how RAPID did business needed to be written down so that all employees understood what made RAPID different from other companies.  And now, we want to share them with you:

Jay Jacobs

Prototypes First.  RAPID sells time.  Prototypes are typically time sensitive.  If RAPID ever loses the ability to deliver prototypes fast, then we will be just like any other shop.  Prototypes define how we do business.

Anticipate the Customer.  To be a frictionless supplier, RAPID constantly needs to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes.  What would I want RAPID to do for me?  How could RAPID make my life easier?  The answers to these questions drive the changes we make to the business.

Under Promise, Over Deliver.  RAPID’s customers are individuals who make promises and base their schedules on our committed ship dates.  Therefore we can never, ever, ever be Late.  A bad part is a Late part.  And a Late part can cost someone their job.  We must embed in our DNA to never, ever, ever be Late.

Sense of Urgency.  The secret to being rapid is getting started.  We must make decisions quickly and then act on them.  Not all decisions will work out as intended so when necessary, a Plan B must be decided upon and executed immediately.

Enjoy the Journey.  Our days fly by.  It is important for us to remember to regularly PAUSE and celebrate both the small and big successes along the way.  We work very hard but we work to live, not live to work.

In future blogs, I will share more details about each of RAPID’s Core Values.

Rapid Regards,

– Jay Jacobs, CEO

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